Board of Directors

The New England Local Masters Swimming Committee (NE LMSC) is a volunteer-run, non-profit subsidiary of United States Masters Swimming (USMS) that serves as the regional governing body for USMS-registered clubs, workout groups, coaches and swimmers in Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. It is responsible for enforcing USMS policies and procedures, processing event sanctions and club and member registrations, overseeing officiating, and administering other such functions within New England.

The NE LMSC Board of Directors is comprised of Officers, who are elected by the membership at the annual membership meeting, and Club Representatives, who are appointed by the club's principal officer. Each board member is allowed one vote regardless of how many offices s/he holds.

Each registered club with at least five (5) affiliated USMS members is entitled to one voting Club Representative board seat and one additional seat if the club has 1000 or more members. A club with fewer than five members may appoint a Club Rep who will be non-voting until the club reaches five members. All Club Reps must be affiliated in their USMS member record with the Club they represent.

Our LMSC seeks to make Masters Swimming opportunities available to all New England adults regardless of physical ability. To that end, we are the first LMSC in the country to add a Para-Athlete Chair to our board.

Elected Officers

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Vice Chairperson


Top Ten (SCY)

Top Ten (SCM, LCM)

Communications Chair

Coaches Chair

Officials Chair



Pool Sanctions Chair

Open Water Sanctions Chair

Para-Athlete Chair

Awards & Recognition Chair

Immediate Past Chair

Club Representatives

Bart Westgeest

Michelle Toner

Nicola Shipman

Juli Nievergelt

John Gillis

Doug Bosley and Jessica Stokes

Victoria Kalevich

None appointed

None appointed

None appointed

None appointed

None appointed

None appointed

None appointed

None appointed

None appointed

None appointed

None appointed

None appointed

Great Bay Masters (GBM)

Greater Holyoke YMCA Masters (HOLY)

Killington Aquatic Club Masters (KACM)

King Fins Aquatic Club (KFAC)

Maine Masters Swim Club (MESC)

New England Masters Swim Club (NEM)

Wellesley Masters Swimming (WELL)

Andover/North Andover YMCA (ANA)

Burlington YMCA Dynamo (BYD)

Charles River Swimming Club (CRSC)

Connecticut Aquatic Club (CAC)

Eastman Masters Swimming (EMSC)

Life Time Swim New England (LTNE)

Marble Valley Masters (MV)

Newburyport Breakers (NBPB)

Northfield Area Masters (NUM)

SweetWater Swim Studio (SWS)

UMB Masters (UMBM)

Wide Open Swimming (WOS)


The following USMS LMSC volunteer role description templates include descriptions of each LMSC position's purpose, key responsibilities and deliverables, recommended attributes and training, and the benefits of the position to the volunteer and to USMS. Please note that specific NE LMSC responsibilities may vary from these USMS templates. Notable variances are described parenthetically below.

  • Chair
  • Vice Chair
  • Secretary (In the NE LMSC, the Secretary's responsibilities are narrower than in the USMS template position description in that general communications with the LMSC membership are the primary responsibility of the Communications Chair.)
  • Treasurer
  • Registrar
  • Communications Chair
  • Top Ten Recorder (The NE LMSC currently has two such positions, one for SCY and one for LCM & SCM)
  • Sanctions Chair (This NE LMSC position is currently for pool meets only. Open-water sanctions and questions are processed by the Open Water Chair.)
  • Coaches Chair
  • Officials Chair
  • Open Water Chair (Promotes safe open-water swimming, advocates for and facilitates USMS-sanctioned OW events, and reviews and processes all OW sanction applications and USMS event calendar requests.)
  • Awards & Recognition Chair (Also has primary responsibility for the NE LMSC Hall of Fame.)
  • Para-Athlete Chair (This position shall advocate for para-athletes in the NE LMSC, promote Masters Swimming as a fitness option for para-athletes, and help sensitize coaches, officials and swimmers to the needs of para-athletes.)

At the board's discretion, two “At Large” officers may also be elected in the same manner as the other officers and shall be assigned duties by the chair with the advice and consent of the board.

For more information about the nature of these positions, see function-related pages on the USMS website and, specifically, the relevant sections of the USMS Guide to Operations.