Howley Completes Solo Crossing of Loch Ness, One Swim Closer to her "Monster Triple"

Elaine Howley finished a solo crossing of Loch Ness late last month. She covered the  22.2-mile length in 13 hrs 21 minutes, making her the third American to swim the length of the loch. We believe that fewer than 15 people worldwide have completed the swim. Water ranged from 51 to about 57 degrees over the course of the swim. "That was a tough swim but great fun," said Howley. 

Elaine's sense of humor never died over 22 miles of cold water ... check out this video of her last feed. The water was so cold that her mouth was frozen, but that's no reason not to tell a good joke! 

Completing the Loch Ness swim puts Elaine just one swim away from the Monster Triple Crown (solo lengths of Loch Ness, Lake Memphremagog, and Lake Tahoe). She plans to swim Lake Tahoe next spring to cross the Monster Triple Crown off of her bucket list.

Media: WOWSA piece