NELMSC Celebrates Four Newly Frozen "Ice Milers"!

On December 14th, four NE-LMSC swimmers - NEM President Helen LinKellie JoyceRena Demeo and Paula Yankauskas - became official Ice Milers when they completed one mile of outdoor open water swimming wearing only a swimsuit, cap and goggles in water under 41 degrees. Swimmers were not allowed to touch any other person or escort kayak and could not stand until the swim was complete.

The MA Open Water Association organized the event at the L Street Bath house in S. Boston, supplying EMTs and escorts for the four ladies. Helen, Kellie, Rena and Paula swam eight lengths of the beach between two fences, equaling about 1,800 meters. The water that day was 40 degrees; the air, 41 degrees.

Congratulations to all four ladies for doing something few of us can imagine, but all of us respect and celebrate!