Pat McDermot Swims Across Lake George

Contributed by Stacy Sweetser, GSP


LAKE GEORGE, NY -- Pat McDermot (GSP) has been swimming for six years, the last two of which have included long distance open water swims. He recently completed an official unassisted marathon swim in Lake George, NY. Pat's crew included his wife Lynn McDermot (kayak support for 20+ hours), his brother Jay McDermot (support boat captain), and additional crew of Sharon McDermotKatie McDermotLaura FoleySheryl Scott (GSP) and Karen Cole (GSP). Pat departed Diane's Rock on July 18 at 3:23 pm and swam against the wind during the day. Thankfully the wind relented during the night and Pat held his expected pace. The next morning, Pat battled headwinds to finish at the south end of Lake George around 4:15 pm on July 19. His total time was 24 hours and 50 minutes. Amazing!