Pool Sanctions

Please review the following information, including a Meet Director To-Do List and rules that governs USMS pool sanctions and event management:

1. If the pool meets the pool-length certification requirements but is a bulkhead pool, a Pool Length Certification Form needs to be completed following each session of the meet and submitted with the meet results. If the pool does not meet the pool length certification requirements, entry forms and programs must reflect that times swum will not be submitted for Top 10 or record consideration.

2. The sanction is issued under the condition that all USMS, Inc. swimming rules and administrative regulations and local rules and regulations shall be followed. There must be at least two officials. The referee shall be certified as a stroke and turn judge, starter, or referee by USA Swimming, YMCA, or any other USMS-approved certifying body.

3. The rules are listed in the current edition of the USMS Rule Book. It is a condition of this sanction that the rule book shall be available at the meet.

4. This sanction is not transferable.

5. If this event is a competition, the results and required facility certifications shall be submitted within 14 days of the conclusion of the event in the proper format to Laszlo Eger - Top Ten Recorder.

Please direct all pool sanction inquiries to Mindy Williams, NE-LMSC Pool Sanctions Chair.